On May 17, 1997, fifteen Bounders with fourteen and one-half
couples aboard arrived at the Kentuckiana Campground near
Hopedale, Illinois responding to an invitation issued by Les and
Phyllis Jones of Washington, IL, for the purpose of forming a
new chapter in the BOA organization.  Under the guidance of BOA Central Region
Vice President, Kyle Davis of Center Point, IN, this group spent an enjoyable
weekend getting acquainted and making application for a chapter charter.  Since
this original group were residents of Indiana, Illinois and Iowa they felt the new
chapter should not draw boundaries for membership, but instead welcome bounder
owners of surrounding states and thus christened the new chapter as the Mid-
America Bounders.  During this first weekend together, Les was elected to be
President and his wife, Phyllis, to serve as Secretary/Treasurer.  This amiable and
energetic couple set the tone of fun, fellowship, and friendship for the future
activities of this group.  They decided to meet on the third weekend of each month
(May to October) with volunteer hosts selecting the sites of the rallies.  Reflecting
the name of Mid-America, an outline of the United States with the Bounder
Kangaroo in the central location was designed and adopted as the chapter logo at
the second meeting held in June at the Spindler Camp, East Peoria.  Subsequent
rallies were held at Orion, IL, (July) and Rantoul, IL (August).  The Mid-America
Bounders attended  their first National BOA Rally at Paxinos, PA in September of
1997.  October in Crab Orchard Lake near Carbondale, IL was the final rally of
the 1997 season.  Each rally saw the chapter growing in numbers and the
strengthening bonds of friendship.  A camaraderie of helping chapter members
solve a variety of “Bounder” problems was well established as well as adopting St.
Jude’s Research for Children as a means of outreach to others.  In May of 1999,
the Mid-America Bounders celebrated their Second Anniversary while hosting the
National Bounders of America Rally at Ceraland, Columbus, In.  The original 15 had
grown to 45 coaches in a short 2 years - quite a success story due to the
dedication, leadership, and guidance that was provided by founders Les and Phyllis
Jones and BOA–VP, Kyle Davis.

Written by Alice Blind        
February 2008